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Brand Ambassador

Mylo the Egyptian Mau has always been a people person, so he transitioned purrfectly into his role at The Purrfect Aquarium. In his spare time Mylo enjoys playing outside, sleeping, and eating. He also enjoys going for rides in the car. Mylo works part time at the store welcoming guests from his cozy spot by the register.

Come meet him on Fridays and Saturdays!


Loss Prevention

Roy brings energy and enthusiasm to The Purrfect Aquarium team. He is diligent in his monitoring of all company activities, and is an essential part of the operation. Despite his energetic and outgoing persona, he is actually an introvert. He works from home.

Roy was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He was the only kitten from his litter to not find a home through Project Purr, so Kyra and Rod brought him home!


Budget Analyst

Orion's favorite past times are resting and being cozy. He's a natural for a desk job where he can work from home and sit while crunching numbers!

Orion was born in a small town outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He's the only cat on the team with blue eyes.



Customer Service Assistant

Leonardo is the type of cat who gets along with everyone he meets. His friendly and easy going personality makes him well suited to help alleviate customer concerns. He greets everyone he meets like a long time friend.

Leo was the first cat to join Kyra and Rod's family back in 2008. He was adopted from Protectors of Animals in West Hartford.

Leo Minor

Product Evaluator

Leo Minor is an extreme introvert and likes to help behind the scenes. From the comfort of home Leo Minor tests many of the cat toys that we carry.

Leo Minor was rescued from the streets of Baton Rouge as a tiny kitten.

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