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Frequently Asked Questions & Policies

Do you do custom orders?

Yes, we are always looking to bring in requests from customers. Please use this Google Form for requests. For fish above $50 a deposit is required.

What is your fish guarantee?

Our freshwater fish are guaranteed for three days after purchase. For store credit, please bring fish and a water sample from your aquarium.

Our salt water fish are sold as is.

Will you take my fish?

Due to limited tank capacity, we cannot accept fish without prior authorization from a manager or store owner. Arrangements must be made in advance before fish are accepted in store. The amount of store credit issued for fish is based on the provided images, size, and salability of the fish.

Visit the CT Aquarium Market Facebook Group to rehome fish.

Can I sell my fish to you?

We purchase fish mainly from wholesalers and established fish breeders, however we will occasionally buy fish from customers.

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