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About The Purrfect Aquarium

Kyra and Roderick met while working at The Children’s Museum in West Hartford, CT in 2007. Since then they have shared many  adventures, traveling, rescuing cats, and collecting aquariums.

In 2017 the couple honeymooned in the Philippines, where they enjoyed snorkeling and finding common aquarium fish in the wild. Soon thereafter Roderick  put his dream in motion. He launched Fishin’ Rod’s Aquarium Service, and shortly after decided to open a store as well. The couple’s love for aquariums, fish, and cats adds up to one thing for fish and feline enthusiasts:  The Purrfect Aquarium.

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Why Cats and Fish?

We both share a love for felines and fish. We got Leo, in September of 2008, and shortly after, set up our first aquarium. Over the years our condominium became crowded with exotic fishes and feline friends, How do two people, five cats, and eight aquariums full of aquatic life coexist in one condo? Fish tanks and cat climbing platforms adorn the rooms on all three floors. Everyone gets along swimmingly, most of the time!

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The Team


Roderick Seurattan

Owner & CEO

Roderick grew up on the island of Trinidad and Tobago, and has always had a love for the ocean and the animals that live in it. He moved to West Hartford, CT when he was in elementary school. Roderick has made a career out of working with animals. He studied Biology at CCSU, and got his start in the pet services industry at Puppy Center and Aquarium in West Hartford. Since then, he has worked for several independent fish stores. Roderick also worked at Petco for several years as an Aquatic Specialist, then a Department Manager. His love for the aquarium hobby occupies much of his free time- and house- which led him to start Fishin’ Rod’s Aquarium Service. It has long been a dream to open his own store, where he can share his passion and expertise with others.

Kyra Seurattan

Co-Owner & IT Support

Kyra grew up in Essex, CT and has had aquariums in her house for as long as she can remember. Her mother was a marine biologist and her father was an avid aquarium hobbyist. Kyra kept aquariums in her dorm room throughout college. She moved to the Hartford area after college (where she met Roderick). She is now an IT Support Specialist and Graphic Artist, and is working on her certification to be a Technology Education Teacher. Kyra is passionate about cats and was a volunteer in Project Purr, an adoption service for felines in need of good homes.


Kyle Hollis

Aquatic Specialist

Kyle grew up in Waterford, Connecticut and is a jack of all trades master of none. Growing up on Connecticut’s shoreline has led to a lifetime love of all things aquatic and a continued pursuit of knowledge of marine ecosystems and life there in. Having had almost every pet in the past, Kyles current pet family consists of a cranky cockatiel and 65 gallon tank of cichlids all lovingly named after cartoon

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